New Orleans is a Solar America City
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Why Solar Energy

Using solar energy offers many benefits. Solar energy isÖ


Solar energy is one of Louisnana's most abundant source of renewable energy. Our state is fortunate to have other powerful clean energy resources, too, including wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal and ocean waves. Unlike those resources, which are available only in certain places, usable sunlight falls everywhere in the state. Solarís large energy-generating potential comes from its ability to be deployed in small scale installations distributed throughout the state.


Solar energy is clean energy. On average, over 47% of the electricity currently used by Louisianains is generated at polluting gas-fired power plants. Solar energy can offset the use of electricity, natural gas and propane, while emitting no global warming pollution.


Louisianaians have demonstrated they they place a premium value on clean energy by voluntarily purchasing renewable energy from their utilities at one of the highest rates in the U.S. A solar energy system installed on a home or business reduces the operating costs of that property, and therefore adds value which can be recouped when the property is sold.


Solar energy systems installed on homes or businesses capture and use the sunís energy right where the energy is needed. Up to 10% of the electricity generated at central power plants is lost in transmission and distribution.

Unlimited and free

The sunís energy is not depleted when we use it, and it is available free of charge to the entire planet. Finite energy resources, such as fossil fuels, are subject to market volatility, escalating prices and other problems as the resources are depleted.


The sun rises and sets every day, providing an energy resource that is extremely predictable and stable year after year. Solar energy systems often function for 20 years or more, requiring minimal maintenance.




50% State Tax Credit NOW!
Available towards the cost of
solar power for your home or apartment. learn more

How to Receive the 50% State Tax Credit
What you need to know to qualify your purchase and receive your tax credit is included in these Louisiana Department of Revenue Rules for " Wind or Solar System Tax Credits" . learn more

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