New Orleans is a Solar America City
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New Orleans Solar America City Project

The City of New Orleans has received a two-year grant as the result of being named a 2007 Solar America City by the U.S. Department of Energy. The purpose of the New Orleans Solar America City Project is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology in New Orleans.

The City of New Orleans will complete a comprehensive city plan for the expansion of solar technology; explore and evaluate ways in which the City can support or encourage adoption of solar technology; reduce or eliminate obstacles to solar adoption; stimulate the supply side of the solar marketplace; continue the process of recruiting private sector businesses to operate here to be involved in the supply of solar technology; and begin to train developers, builders and craftspeople about the technology, and educate the public on the benefits and affordablity of solar power technology for there homes and businesses.

The New Orleans Solar America City Project is a collaborative effort lead by the City of New Orleans in partnership with US Department of Energy, Alliance for Affordable Energy, FutureProof,Global Green , and Louisiana CleanTech Network.


U.S. Department of Energy - Solar America Cities

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar America Initiative seeks to form strategic partnerships with U.S. cities. Through these partnerships, the Solar America Cities program intends to help accelerate the adoption of solar technology at the local level. This includes engaging city governments as important end users of energy, key intermediaries to other end users within their jurisdiction, and regulatory entities.

U.S. Department of Energy is partnering with cities that are committed to achieving a sustainable solar infrastructure through a comprehensive, city-wide approach to solar technology that facilitates mainstream adoption and provides a model for other cities to follow. The program will provide assistance to cities in their plans implement a variety of strategies with the desired outcomes being:

  • Development of a comprehensive city government approach to solar implementation, involving key stakeholders, utilities, and private partners
  • A widespread increase in solar adoption
  • Large-scale solar installations
  • A reduction in market barriers through activities such as streamlining solar-friendly permitting and zoning
  • Creation of city-level solar incentives (e.g., solar rebates, financial assistance, tax credits, property tax abatements, and/or tax incentives to solar manufacturers who locate in the city)
  • An increase in public awareness through promotions and citywide education
  • Inclusion of renewable energy curriculum material in the public schools
  • Integration of solar energy into city planning and emergency preparedness plans (e.g., schools as shelters or natural disaster relief)
  • Solar America Cities serve as models for other cities.
To learn more about Solar America Cities and see a list of the 2007 Solar America Cities click here.



Solar Training - Feb. 21-25 2011

Solar Electric Installer training will be offered in New Orleans February . 21-25
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City of New Orleans

Alliance for Affordable Energy

Global Green USA


Louisiana CleanTech Network